Dec 28 2004

Dedicated Programmer

The Graphing Calculator Story

This has to be one of the most astonishing programming stories I’ve ever heard. A contractor at Apple finds his project terminated, so what does he do? He continues working on the project, unofficially, behind Apple’s back until it’s completed. Along the way, he gains the support of tons of Apple’s and 25PC employees and, eventually, even wins over Apple itself. This is after he’s worked 16 hour days for free for months; not to mention that he’s recruited hours and hours of free work from many others. Simply astonishing. The good news is most of the work is done, and we’re about to go live with the site. We just need to complete a bit of back and forth with the SEO company we will be working with to make sure the site actually gets out there. If you’ve been looking for a good company that does this then vist Tom Johnston online to franchise your own SEO company and the site. So far they have been very professional and reliable, and we will definitely be working with them in the future again.

Oh, and his project ended up being included as a standard part of the Mac system, shipped with every computer they sold.